First blog post


Recently I went to the WISE Conference here in The Woodlands, Texas as a guest to my new friend, Renee Divine, and it inspired me to find what my passion is in life. Actually the main speaker, Dawniel Winningham, truly woke me up with her “Stop Selling Yourself Short” along with “Passion, Purpose, and Profit” tips and her profound quote “You have not what you ask not!”.

We as women should help support, educate, and empower other women in all areas of life: Career, Relationship, Finance, Health, Spiritual, and Well Being. At least that’s what I chose to do from now on as your “go to” Life Coach. I was quite anxious for many months thinking what I would do once my 5 years old BGB Triplets started Kindergarten. Fast forward to today and I’m launching my own Triplet Momprenuer/ Life Coach brand via most social media outlets. My goal is to inspire, motivate, and coach individuals to find their passion.

Please feel free to like, share, comment with your family and women friends! Also, if you’re a Mom of Triplets and would like help promoting your own business, email me some details and I’ll choose one to highlight each week in my LIVE video!

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