Jump Start your Self Esteem

A wise woman once told me it was time to remove toxic people constantly taking withdrawals and demand “positive deposits only”. If you treat yourself well, other people won’t have a choice! Refuse to compromise and stretch yourself as well as your expectations. Embrace yourself and happiness, you deserve it!  
Some helpful tips to jump start your self esteem should you need a refresher… 
Love you for YOU! We all have hidden talents and should be proud about that! If you haven’t written down your goals since high school, it’s beyond time to take out the pen and paper! Create new goals and set out to fulfill them in order to make your self esteem soar. Be proud of YOU and your successes for it has not been an easy road! 

You’re a flexible woman constantly re-inventing herself from the time of being a daughter, to sister, to best friend, to girlfriend, to wife, to aunt, to mother, to Grandmother… you get the idea. Accept compliments! Remove the garbage inside your head that you’re not worthy or pretty enough or skinny enough or smart enough! Don’t self sabotage yourself when someone offers a positive view of YOU. 

Growing up my Mom always told me to smile even if I didn’t feel like it. My days might be long ones but there’s always someone out there who’s having a more challenging day than you. Share your light with everyone! 

Do things that make you feel better… whether it’s a new hair-do, nails, makeup, working out, eating healthier, you name it! Self esteem starts with YOU! 

If you want me to be your biggest fan or cheerleader to help jumpstart your self esteem, I can be that Coach who challenges you! Take that first step by doing something positive for yourself and contact me TODAY! 
Be Kind, Be Brave, Be YOU!

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