Motivated “Mastery”

Once again I find myself wide awake in the early morning hours. I turn to reading to help soothe me back into sleep but it does the opposite, keeps me wide awake with inspiration. Which book did this you might ask… “Mastery” by Robert Greene. I’ve only gotten through the first few chapters but already it makes perfect sense. How we need to find our passion and purpose in life, not continue to live by society’s norms. We all live in a rat race every day. Overworked, underpaid, and searching for an escape even if a temporary one. When does the vicious cycle end? When do you get to the point where enough is enough? Do you have the strength and courage to pursue a new path or do you try to take the easy way out? 

LAW 25
Re-Create Yourself

“Do not accept the roles that society foists on you. Re-create yourself by forging a new identity, one that commands attention and never bores the audience. Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define if for you. Incorporate dramatic devices into your public gestures and actions – your power will be enhanced and your character will seem larger than life.”

As women and mothers we are constantly re-inventing ourselves in order to make life flow smoothly… mainly for loved ones and not ourselves. It’s looked down upon us if we have any “me” time when we have husbands or children that should come first. Loved ones deserve the best YOU and in order to give them that take the time to regroup or reemerge with a fresh perspective. Look within yourself to remember at the core who you really are… You are committed to your Life’s Task, to giving it full expression. Don’t abandon the skills and experience you gained, but find a new way to apply them. Food for thought… 

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