Who’s your team?


Since having triplets in 2011, some words to describe my life are: overwhelmed, confused, frustrated and exhausted – without getting started what could be a very long and negative list! BLUR! Blur’s a good word. It’s like every day was a blur and I’d always be left wishing there were more hours in the day and more days in the week because I just couldn’t ever to get done everything that I needed to do!

I remember sitting down one day and thinking, enough is enough. I had big goals and big plans, just like you do right now. But I was so frustrated that things seemed to be moving so slowly, despite me working a ridiculous amount of hours. Which I didn’t mind, to be honest, because I’ve always loved what I was doing. But, what I would have REALLY loved, is bigger, better, faster results, with much more ease. Are you with me?

I had a session with one of my coaches and explained my frustration to her. I remember saying, “Does it really have to be this hard?”…

What my coach said next has stuck with me from that very day.  She said, “Tina. Stop it. You’re doing too much.” “Too much?” I was confused. How could I be doing too much where there was still things left undone at the end of the day…

My coach then went on to say; “This is the trap that many women and Mothers fall into. They do too much.  “HUH?!” I was officially lost.

How could someone do LESS and achieve so much more? “Richard Branson,” my coach said. “Do you think he’s smart?” “Of course!” I said almost sarcastically.

“He’s not,” said my coach. “WHAT”?” This conversation was getting weirder and weirder…

“He’s not smart and he actually doesn’t know that much. In fact, many 6 figure business owners know SO much more than Branson and are MUCH smarter than him. You see, here lies the secret. He’s smart at one thing. Want to know what it is?” “Yes!” I replied almost too eagerly.

“He’s smart at delegation. And he knows and lives by this: You are only as powerful as the team you have around you.” And then it hit me. Oh…

“Who’s your team?” my coach abruptly asked before I’d even managed to get a word in. Silence. “Well…. Um, we’re a team right?” “No.” “You have no team…other than your husband. And there lies your challenge. You are trying to do EVERYTHING.  You need to get better at finding people who can do the things you don’t like doing or the things you aren’t that good at to free up your TIME, as that is your most valuable asset. You need to work at surrounding yourself with the right people.” “Take Branson,” my coach continued on. “Do you think he knows the faintest thing about plane engines and how they work?” “No.” “Well if you were starting an airline company today you’d be designing the bloody plane right now and trust me, it wouldn’t fly!”.

Question – if you had total time freedom, created through delegation and a powerful team behind you, what would you do more of every day? I’d love to hear what it is for you, comment below.


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