Year of 40 – Turn 40 into 400k!

I’ve been reading a lot of posts where people are talking about their “word” for 2017 or creating their theme. Well, my theme is part age and part business related. “Year of 40 – Turn 40 into 400k!” The countdown is ticking loudly for me… in 49 days I will be turning “40”. Not like that should matter to any of you, but for some reason it does matter for me. While reading all these lists about “40 things to do before turning 40”, I’ve realized that I have not ticked off the “to-do” list in a while, especially when it comes to travel mainly in part to having triplets that are 5 years old. Yes, you read right, I have triplets (2boys/1girl). I digress… while coming up with my own bucket list of sorts, I keep coming back to several things… #1 “to-do” is make it to Australia! #TinainSydney2017. (Please use this hashtag when you see all things from Australia!) 😁

Also, the number 40 and how I want to surpass my business goals… 4000 followers on IG would be great but 40k followers would be the best Tribe ever! Same for monetary success… 40 clients would be great for my first year, but $400k would be a record breaking year! *Speak it into existence and do not resist abundance in all forms! 🙌🏻

*If you want to connect and brainstorm about ways to make this happen whether it’s obtaining a sponsor for Australia or growing my Tribe, email me at ! 🙌🏻 

Published by iamtinaasma

CEO of Tina Asma Coaching | Life + Business Coach | Triplet Mompreneur | Creator of I AM Tribe FB group

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