The Year of 40

Thanks Calendar for the reminder that I have 30 days left to enjoy my 30’s! Honestly, I’m not dreading turning 40. Not at all. I am running towards it!  (who am I kidding I don’t run unless there’s someone offering cupcakes or wine.) I would be perfectly fine to fast-forward through my 30s because they have been a mess… “organized chaos” as I like to call it since the Peas arrived. (my “soon to be” 6 years old triplets) 

I’d love to start fresh with this new decade and what better way than celebrating the success of my Life Coaching business! 🙌🏻  Ask, Receive, Believe… manifesting my vision! As much as I’d like to do life changing activities or travels (there’s still hope for Australia before year end! #tinainsydney2017), I’m realistic about what I can do in the next 30 days! 

Clearly I needed to create my OWN list, a list just right for a busy Triplet Mompreneur without an unlimited budget and private jet. After all, who wants to feel like a failure on the cusp of 40?! 

1) Put my feet in the Ocean… ok ok the Gulf of Mexico works!  (preferrably from the Florida side) 

2) Continue to pay down credit card debt (It’s not me, I have triplets!)

3) Self Care – see lady parts doctor, eye doctor, pcp, etc. (totally do able)

4) Teeth cleaning and fillings/repairs (what can I say, I love sweets)

5) Get a new haircut & color (do blondes or redheads really have more fun?) 

6) Go to Aquarium (cause let’s face it you can’t snorkel in the Gulf) 

7) Try something new! (not sure if I can stomach sushi but I will try anything once within reason) 

8) Indoor skydiving (cause I don’t think I’d jump out a plane)

9) Get a tattoo (now this I can do, lucky #3) 

10) Go to a zoo (local one since I can’t hold a koala in Australia in next 30 days) 

11) Volunteer locally (does Peas school count?) 

12) Make something creative with my hands (easy peasy lemon squeezie… hmmm lemon squares sounds Delish!) 

13) Replace soda with water! (I’m not an addict…just make healthier choices.) 

14) Run a marathon – HA! (More like start walking daily!)

15) See Live Music! (Oh…Give me the beat boys to free my soul…)

16) See an off Broadway show (ok ok way off Broadway considering it’s in the South) 

17) Get my PhD -HA! (More like get Master Coach Cerification) 

18) Set up Savings for the Peas (hush! It can happen!)

19) Go on a solo road trip (windows down, music blaring, wind in my hair… sassy & classy in the Honda Odyssey)

20) Drink a glass of really nice wine (I can totally do this! 🍷) 

21) Grow my “I AM” staff (of course I would love a babysitter, cook, or maid but for now a Techie person would be helpful) 

22) Learn to cook gumbo for real! (Shameful I know since I’m Cajun!)

23) Eagerly sing Happy Birthday whenever I hear it being sung (the Peas love when I sing) 

24) Go Geocaching (hmm I bet there’s tons here in The Woodlands)

25) Have a professional portrait taken not just a selfie (totally need this for business too)

26) Create my own personal font (sounds like fun) 

27) Read more books! (Not just Romance & Success genre)

28) Get a massage! (Totally do able)

29) Learn how to master smokey eyes from You Tube tutorial (especially since I finally love wearing liquid eye liner at 39!)

30) Buy a scratch lottery ticket (Maw Rena’s fave!) 

31) Buy a new duvet cover (yes, white is classic but the down cover needs a colorful cover!)

32) Have house cleaned the week of my Birthday (even if E will go back and clean after them! HA!) 

33) Learn how to make fondant (you can do this!) 

34) Buy truffle oil and figure out what to do with it (does that go on salads? LOL)

35) Cook some of my Maw Maw’s recipes (miss them both so much)

36) Apply to be on a reality tv show (still waiting to hear back from Dr. Miami) 

37) Set up a backyard movie theater (Peas would love this)

38) Go to an art museum (it’s not the louvre but still enjoyable!)

39) Stargaze or go to a planetarium (Peas would love this too)

40) Have my cake and eat it too! (Preferably king cake or red velvet! HA!) 

The only thing on my bucket list for the BIG day: turn 40 and stop making it such a big deal. All of the noise and the overtures, the preparation and trepidation, it has done nothing for me. If turning 40 isn’t such a big deal to me, why have I made the countdown so grand? Ooooooh, deep thought! It’s easy to be passive in life and sometimes (for me) it feels helpful to make a list of fun and doable action items.  

Enjoy and savor every moment for we never know when it will be our last! ✨

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CEO of Tina Asma Coaching | Life + Business Coach | Triplet Mompreneur | Creator of I AM Tribe FB group

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