Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…

A large portion of women that I assist tend to get derailed in their personal life (by fear) or business by focusing efforts exclusively on either one step of the process (ie: one source to generate income and same with love). 

Many women forget that self development must be strategically arranged and properly executed to ensure success in both love and business. And just like skipping the baking soda when you bake a cake can result in it falling flat, focusing all efforts on one ‘basket’ will produce lack-luster results.

Love yourself first and don’t depend on any single person to make you happy. My Mom always told me “If you can’t make yourself happy, how do you expect someone else to that for you?”… Same goes for a business. Make your content so juicy like a perfect steak that no one will ever want or need steak sauce to cover up the imperfections. 🙌🏻

Published by iamtinaasma

CEO of Tina Asma Coaching | Life + Business Coach | Triplet Mompreneur | Creator of I AM Tribe FB group

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