Motivational May – Triplet Mompreneur Tuesday

What if today your intention was to help and support other women in the online world?

Today, I want you to meet Michaela Meltzer, an Australian, Triplet Mompreneur living in Canada. Michaela agreed to let me interview her as part of a “Triplet Mom Tell All” series and share her story in hopes that it inspires or motivates you to Be Fearless as well as realize that you have the power inside yourself to create a happier life.

Michaela Meltzer – Arbonne Consultant: Helping people achieve healthy living and great looking skin! “Have a Fearless Mindset, Educate Others, and Build a Global Business!” @michaelameltzer ,,
I AM Tina Asma, Life Coach & Triplet Mompreneur. @iamtinaasma
***CONTACT ME*** If you’d like to collaborate as well as be featured on my social media.
***We RISE by lifting others!***
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