Emotional Intelligence is KEY. 

One thing I have learned in my personal and professional life related to emotions is that we all have them. Some of us feel them deeply, some of us stuff them completely, some of us actively run the other direction from them, worried that emotions are somehow frivolous, dangerous, or unnecessary. Some of us think of emotions as something you “get through” or resolve in order to get back to the business of living.

For me, emotions are as present as the sky, as necessary as oxygen. Not all of us operate that way and I completely get what an exhaustive prospect that is for some. 

Feel your feelings. Feel all your feelings. Scary as that is, emotions are a beautiful, complicated part of being a human being. And they don’t have to be so scary or sanitized.

***May is Mental Health Awareness Month! 

@iamtinaasma I AM Tina Asma, your Life Coach & Empath, here to encourage and challenge YOU to be your best self! Contact me for your FREE 1:1 call to see if we are a great fit and get YOU enrolled in my 6 weeks program to Tap Into Your True Self! Look forward to hearing from YOU! 👯💖🙌🏻

#emotionalintelligence #feelings #awakening

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