Motivational Triplet Mompreneur Monday!


What if today your intention was to help and support other women in the online world?

Today, I want you to meet Natalie Ramirez-Loftin, a Triplet Mompreneur living in Folsom, California. Natalie agreed to let me interview her as part of a “Triplet Mom Tell All” series and share her story in hopes that it inspires or motivates you to “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!”.


Her story is not a fairy tale, but one of strength, family, and success.

Briefly tell me about you and your family:

I am 40, married 14 years, and have 8 years old triplets (2 boys/ 1 girl). Met husband while both were active military in Afghanistan after 9/11.


Got Married, Discharged from the military (husband remained active), and went into Real Estate. Growing up I was raised by my Grandmother and Mother. Being a “hard worker” was instilled in me at a very young age. Remained a Top Producing Agent throughout my pregnancy.

Military insurance allowed one candidate per year for IVF. Fibroids had grown with medication and was heartbroken. Convinced doctor to go ahead with procedure or they’d have to wait another year. Had 4 viable eggs but went ahead with 3 eggs at once. Delivered at 33 weeks and triplets remained in NICU for 3 weeks.


Went back to work right away! Real Estate Agent for military families and part of a supportive community. Showed houses with triplets in tow when they were only ONE month old. It was an outlet to communicate with adults and not be stuck at home. Husband was deployed to the Middle East when triplets were 10 months old and she had to do it all on her own. Younger brother would come and help when he wasn’t in school and Dad came to help as well. “ You do what you have to do!”…


As a realtor it felt like it was feast or famine for a long time. When triplets were 3 years old, changed mindset to be a better Mom and not choose a paycheck over spending time with children. Returned to California. Husband changed career and I was able to leave real estate job. I didn’t want to ask for money and wanted my own financial freedom/independence.


Growing up my Mother had a retail shop and a real estate background. She encouraged me to get creative and sell my items. Created custom aprons at first, posted pictures to Facebook, and they sold for $60 each. Aprons turned into Tutus. Brought the triplets to the fabric store at 5 years old to help with the business. Balance: Creative at night/bedtime in order to spend time with triplets during the day. Online business grew more and more everyday. Mom encouraged me to find a shop to rent while selling my products at booths and fairs. 3 Peas & Me grew from word of mouth, along with online FB, Etsy, and in person referrals, due to the #1 Craftsmanship details!


Hobby vs. Family Business

Rented a shop in the Touristic/Historic Area with weekend hours for Thursday/Friday/Saturday selling: Custom Shirts, Tutus, etc. Makes everything at home during the week. Mom helps with kids and shop in order to have a good balance. Crafting hours doesn’t always match up to pay, but it allows triplets to see Mom being productive as well as encourages them to be social communicating with the public. Dad works hard as an engineer BUT they see what mom does.

Although one son has Autism (higher functioning) and one son has sensory issues, all three including one daughter have shown entrepreneur mindsets! Their discussions are out of the box thinking about how they would run a business together including customer profile, branding, and marketing at only 8 years old!



I AM more than just a Mommy or wife, I’m ME!  My business gives that Self confidence and self worth I crave. When a customer praises my work, that’s when I light up.

ADVICE TO Triplet Moms or Mompreneurs

Get out in the public with the kids! Don’t let fear keep you house-ridden. Houses will be messy and meals won’t always be cooked at home. Find some happiness for YOU! Find that passion, take a leap of faith, and DO IT!


Every marriage has bad moments or bad days… that does NOT equal a BAD LIFE! Come back together as a family and remember why you started this journey together before having kids.




The Five Love Languages – Everybody is loved in different ways. Praise each other. Live a life of Gratitude.

Remain a source of inspiration to me and others: 

Thank you Tina! This was awesome! Yes, fellow Mommas- get out there, create, innovate, and do something YOU love!


I AM Tina Asma, Life Coach & Triplet Mompreneur. @iamtinaasma
***CONTACT ME*** If you’d like to collaborate as well as be featured on my social media.
***We RISE by lifting others!***

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