Triplet Mompreneur Tuesday Tell All…

What if today your intention was to help and support other women in the online world?

Today, I want you to meet Julie Howard Patterson, a Triplet Mompreneur living in Houston, Texas.

Julie agreed to let me interview her as part of a “Triplet Mom Tell All” series and share her story in hopes that it inspires or motivates you to “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!”.



Briefly tell me about you and your family:

I am 33, married 9 years to college sweetheart, and mother of (soon to be) 4 years old triplet girls. Met husband while both were attending LSU in Baton Rouge, LA, graduated from Physical Therapy school.

Via Clomid, became pregnant with triplets. Admitted in March 2013 PRETERM LABOR <23 weeks. Stayed in hospital for 80 days. Didn’t understand the scope of it all at the time. Stopped labor and stayed there until 34 weeks and 3 days and delivered fraternal triplet girls. They stayed in the NICU for 2 weeks and then came home. Both sets of Grandparents helped along with Best Friend’s Mom.

Julie preggo pic

Career put on hold:

Physical Therapist since 2007 and stopped working in February 2013, a month before triplets arrived. Leave of absence for 6 months to be at home with the girls. Started back a little at a time… working one day a month / 10 hours a week.

Christmas Gift turns into a Family Business

Christmas 2015 started my business: 3 Daughters Design Shop

3 daughters design shop

Began by making silhouettes for Grandparents as Christmas gifts. Facebook post of the silhouette pictures received tons positive feedback from other Triplet Moms requesting product. This led to opening an Etsy Shop April 2016.

Work/Life Balance:

Triplets go to preschool 2 days a week for 3 hours.

While triplets nap and sleep at night – work on business. Physical Therapist 3 days a week.

Motivation for business: it’s a creative outlet and helps with family budget. Hubby is an Engineer that created an Excel spreadsheet for budget/personal planner. Stick to the budget for the family in order to be able to travel as a family or couple. Schedule: weeks are set with activities and work schedule. Prioritize with List Making as well.

Feels content and fulfilled with work and life balance with help of family.


Biggest Fear: Committing to much by saying “yes”. Learned it’s okay to say “NO” to orders or customers when feeling overwhelmed.

Success Mantra: Set Achievable Goals and Do Something that Makes YOU Happy.

Fave Books: Anything by Marie Forleo and Danielle Laporte

Satisfying Moments:

Business – End of year silhouette ornaments was a huge success. Had to turn down orders!

Kids – Bittersweet moment at school when they didn’t need help in restroom to potty. Out in public, always well-behaved.

MARRIAGE: Date nights are hit/miss on Wednesdays depending on schedule. Once a month vacation from kids.

In 10 years… Love my Physical Therapy job and want to work longer hours of PT. Door is still open to have more kids. Creative Business in progress – niche will be silhouettes. Mom side hustle: MLM, creative, cooking.

Remain a source of inspiration to me and others:  Thank you Tina! This was awesome!

Julie Patterson’s 3 Daughters Design Shop can be found:

My website is
Instagram is @3daughtersdesignshop.
And I have a Facebook group


I AM Tina Asma, Life Coach & Triplet Mompreneur. @iamtinaasma

***CONTACT ME*** If you’d like to collaborate as well as be featured on my social media.

***We RISE by lifting others!***

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