School’s out for summer, PAMP & I AM Tribe Meet Up!

This perfectly depicts my triplets once they graduated from Kindergarten a little over two weeks ago. My Mom has been staying with us and has been a huge help. 

A few exciting things happened lately… I was a guest speaker for the PAMP WhatsApp Group for Nigeria and talked about “Why Emotional Intelligence is Important and How to Increase Your EQ”. There has been awesome feedback and looking forward to doing it again. 

Next on the agenda is packing up for Louisiana… the Peas can’t wait to see family & friends. I AM so looking forward to the First “I AM Tribe Meet & Greet” on Saturday. The women in the surrounding areas want and need a supportive outlet so I’m praying it will take off to become a monthly gathering for them since I’m still in Houston, Texas. 

My goal for this week is to work on finding I AM Tribe Ambassadors for different locations in order to create these monthly gatherings for women. Also, I need to plan a Retreat for Women. This is my special project that I want to make happen for the Fall. 

Be Well, Grateful, and Have a Great week! ✨

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