Motivational Monday Checklist 

I have a weekly checklist of items I must accomplish for my work. These are items that keep my business going. I invite you to use this list as a guide, and create your own. Whatever works for you, and your business. The point is to make a generic, template list, that you can customize and adapt to your current client/project situations. On my daily checklist:
ACT – Review my Top 3 business goals and execute 1 task for each.

CONNECT – send 3 emails to people I want to get in touch with, or stay in touch with. Just make the effort to connect.

PROVIDE – post 5 pieces of valuable content on my social media accounts. 

LEARN – read 1-3 articles regarding a pertinent business topic. Right now I’m reading about social media, brand building, business development, women in business and happiness, self love.

MEANINGFUL WORK – this one I adopted from the fabulous Brene Brown, Daring Greatly. 

We all have gifts and talents. When we cultivate those gifts and talents and share them with the world, we create a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. Squandering our gifts brings distress into our lives. When we don’t use our talents to cultivate meaningful work, we struggle. Sharing our gifts and talents with the world is the most powerful source of connecting. Using our gifts and talents to create meaningful work takes a tremendous amount of commitment, because in many cases the meaningful work is not what pays the bills. No one can define what is meaningful for us. Like our gifts and talents, meaning is unique to each one of us.

ORGANIZE/ORDER – clean out inboxes, voicemails, texts. This one is important and helps me stay “on top of” my game. 

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