The Manifestation of Tina Asma Coaching and I AM Tribe is HERE!!!

Tina Asma

For those of you who don’t know me, I AM Tina Asma, a Cajun girl from SE Louisiana who tried to do it right – go to school, get good grades, go to University… but life took a different course when I went into Healthcare IT Consulting for 10 years, lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE for two years, and later had triplets! Almost 6 years later my passion and purpose pushed to the surface… with ridiculous work ethic, a heart of gold, and a laptop, I’ve created my I AM Tribe from scratch!

I AM so excited to “officially” announce to the world something big I have been working on for almost a year.

The BIG news is that I have launched Tina Asma Coaching… a company dedicated to providing personal development & business training to women who want to (re)define life on their own terms. This feels like a perfect fit for me because I’m able to use my previous work experience in training diverse groups of people in technology and emotional intelligence. I also created the I AM Tribe Facebook group for women. I AM Tribe connects women for building new relationships and re-connecting old ones, through a unique forum – an ideal opportunity for women around the globe who are striving to balance their own needs with those of their families, jobs, community involvement, as well as maintain their own personal overall well-being. Future monthly events (and weekend Retreats) fulfill an ongoing and critical need for women to be able to share resources and discover new opportunities as they transition through the many stages of their lives, for the growth & development of their professional and personal lives.

I AM writing to you today to ask if you would help spread the message. If you know of anyone that might benefit from the type of work I do and willing to introduce me to them, it would be greatly appreciated! The women and Mompreneurs I currently work with want to (re)discover their power to achieve both personal or business goals. They’re tired of feeling stuck in a rut and want to take back their lives. My clients know what they want to achieve and just need a little motivation or accountability to get them back on track to be successful. They’re ready to act NOW and make it happen!

If YOU (or a friend/family member/coworker) are interested and want more details about how I can help, schedule a FREE “Meet & Greet” call with me.

Thanks so much for your support in advance! Sending lots of love and light your way.
Tina Asma

P.S. Recently the “I AM Tribe” Members of New Orleans came together for an exciting networking event at La Thai Uptown on June 24th. (see pic below)

If YOU would like more information on how to become an I AM Tribe AMBASSADOR for your city/state or country, please email me at

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CEO of Tina Asma Coaching | Life + Business Coach | Triplet Mompreneur | Creator of I AM Tribe FB group

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