Love All of Yourself! 

#bodypositivity #beyourself #plussize #freedomfriday

Yesterday, the Peas (my triplets) and I drove from The Woodlands to Austin to see one of my favorite women and her children. While my kids were running around freely in their bathing suits, I noticed that my friend’s daughter was trying to cover her body as much as possible not to attract attention to her bikini, but was actually doing just the opposite. So I decided it was a great time to be an example. I didn’t put a cover up over my plus size frame in order to show her that it doesn’t matter what size our body is, it was about everyone having fun and enjoying the pool together. I belly bumped with my son to show him love and made him laugh. I even took this bathing suit selfie and posted it to social media which is something I’ve never done before too! Why am I telling you all of this? If you’ve been feeling heavy mentally and physically, I challenge YOU to put on your bathing suit today and take a selfie! You don’t have to post it, but feel free to do it here if you want to. The point is to look at yourself, feel yourself, and LOVE yourself! Embrace all of you and not just the parts you think are acceptable. Don’t miss out on life because you are not a size zero! 🙌🏻👯💖

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