Positive Pampering

How do I even begin to describe the week of July 16-20th with this Wonder Woman, Michaela Meltzer?

She had a feeling in her gut to fly down to Houston, Texas to meet me and grow her business. Per Michaela, “Does it take courage to leave the comfort bubble we live in? YES! Am I setting an example for my kids to show them to push themselves beyond their comfort zone? YES!”.

She has worn many hats in her life of 49 years and readily shares life lessons. Her spirit is welcoming and nurturing as well as kind & generous. Her enthusiasm about her business as an Arbonne Consultant is infectious and her dedication to her family inspirational.

We bonded with several women in The Woodlands area with some Positive Pampering and made some priceless memories as well.

Before leaving Houston, my triplets and I took her to NASA Space Center to pick up some souvenirs for her triplets back in Montreal, Canada.

This is what life is all about… making connections with like-minded people and leaving a legacy for our children.

Thank you Michaela for reminding me to be fearless and that since we had triplets we are capable of doing anything. XO

Sending love and lots of hugs your way… Tina



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