How Superstitious are YOU?

Growing up in Southeast Louisiana I was surrounded by people knocking on wood, throwing salt over their shoulder, warning of seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror, not letting a black cat cross your path, or threatening to put a Gris Gris (pronounced GREE GREE) on you if you didn’t do what you were told. I can not make this stuff up… superstitious much? 

Did you know that women are more prone to the paranoia of superstition? Now that I have kids of my own, it is quite fun to scare them or tell them old wives tales to put them on edge. Horrible Mother here, I know… don’t judge. 

Rather than gradually being disproved over time, our faith in superstitious beliefs is stronger than ever.

Here’s the top 10 Superstitions people believe on a regular old Friday like today…

– Avoided walking under a ladder

– Touched/knocked on wood

– Blessed someone when they’ve sneezed

– Crossed your fingers

– Picked up a penny

– Broken the wishbone and made a wish

– Thrown salt over your shoulder because you spilled it

– Avoided opening an umbrella inside

– Avoided putting new shoes on the table

– Avoided telling anyone your birthday wish when blowing out your candles

Happy Friday the 13th! 🔪🔪🔪 

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