Family time and Self Care

Ten days pass by so quickly and wanted to share an update about what we have been up to in my home. 

My triplets (aka the Peas) we’re beyond determined to go trick or treating in a torrential rainstorm dressed in their costumes, raincoats, and rain boots. The giggles, screams, and smiles were priceless indeed. 

Three days later was my 17th wedding anniversary and decided to make some “me time” including fresh cut & color along with nails. 

We may feel that taking time for self-care is selfish; that by spending time caring for ourselves, we are neglecting others, but this is not true. When we take the time to nourish ourselves first, we can better serve others; we cannot give from an empty cup.

Skipping self-care makes us more prone to burnout, illness, and injuries. Which leads to me having stomach flu for several days and then my sciatic nerve shocking my body back to reality that I’m not a SuperMom like I’d thought… on the mend slowly. 

Biggest takeaway from all of this… When we consistently neglect our needs we become unhappy and develop feelings of resentment towards ourselves and others. We may do things out of obligation instead of genuine desire. When we realize that we are worthy of care, love, and attention, and take the time to give it to ourselves, we feel fulfilled and naturally want to give more to others.

Through self-care, we learn to relax and nurture ourselves. Instead of feeling, stressed and overwhelmed self-care teaches us how to relax and nurture ourselves. Self-care is an essential aspect of daily life, not something we do when we have crashed or burned out. ✨

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