Keep Moving Forward with Grit & Grace.

Six months from now YOU can be in a completely different space, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

Keep working and believing in yourself. ✨

Whether you’re looking to transform your professional life or your personal life, no matter how old you are or what you’ve experienced, I will help you identify the mental blocks that are keeping you stuck—and release them.✨

Anyone can change their life if they change the stories they tell themselves. ✨

I know what it’s like to live in regret and feel powerless and stuck because of it.✨

I spent the majority of my life dwelling on events from the past that seemed unfair and choices I made that caused me to feel ashamed.✨

I obsessed about what should have happened, what shouldn’t have happened, what I should have done, what I shouldn’t have done, and how everything would be better if I could just go back and change it all.✨

Since launching in 2016, I’ve personally connected with thousands of people, and I’ve realized this is something that many of us have in common: we allow our feelings and beliefs about the past to limit our effectiveness and happiness in the present.✨

And even though we want to let go, we don’t know how to live a life that doesn’t revolve around our former pain. So instead, we keep telling ourselves the same old limiting stories—and in the process, live the story of now based on a sad one from before.✨

The good news is that we can change how we interpret yesterday, how we view ourselves in response, and how we live today as a result.✨

If YOU agree and ready to rewrite YOUR new story with me, say ME in comments, DM me, or click link in profile to schedule a time for us to chat. ⏳📲💌🙋🏻‍♀️ @i_am_tina_asma

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Freedom or Money? Which would YOU choose?

Recently, while interviewing for different jobs, I visited an organization where independence was very clearly at the bottom of the corporate agenda. Each employee – many of which were highly skilled Techies – had to clock in and clock out to ensure they were visiting the office frequently enough. No one was allowed to put up personal pictures in their cubes. The reception toilet was locked and to open it you were given a key with a foot long block of wood as the key chain. The word ‘inspiration’ was plastered in 5-foot letters on one wall of the cube farm. It felt like a place that inspiration and empowerment go to die. Sound familiar??? If you are at a job you hate, you aren’t free. If your job or income depends on the economy, you are not free. If you don’t have enough in your pipeline and your month gets screwed up because your child gets sick and needs to see a doctor, or you get a traffic ticket, you are not free.

The money that you create is your friend — and the benefit is freedom. (REPEAT this over and over until it sticks!) You and only you are responsible for your freedom. Nobody is going to give you money. You have to go get it. It is up to you. Freedom is something you have to create daily. You don’t do it once. It is a habit that you must persist with. You have to sacrifice comfort for freedom. You can sit in your lazy boy tonight and be comfortable but it won’t help you later.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to be smarter than ever! The only way to do this is multiple streams of income.

You agree? 💖 You interested? 💸💌 DM or click link in bio to set up a time to talk with me. I want to hear about your current financial situation and what you’re willing to do in order to fix it. YES we will be talking numbers and NO it’s not taboo! This is your future we’re talking about. Don’t YOU think it’s time to fix it??? @tina_asma_coaching

I AM Back…

Hello Tribe! It’s been a few months since my last post. With starting my first full job, the Holidays, and well KIDS, I’ve been busy to say the least.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and how much I can handle… like Brene’ Brown says I AM wired for struggle. Ted Talk by Brene’ Brown

It has been very challenging as a parent to sit back and watch my triplets grow as independent beings. When they are sad or feel defeated, I just want to shield them from everything… but I can’t. They’re learning quickly how cruel others can be in and outside of school. All I can do as their Mom is keep trying to remind them that they are worthy of love and belonging. Self Esteem and Confidence is so fragile at this age and is shaping the way that they think of themselves as well as view other people. It definitely takes a village and I’m so grateful for the other Moms that keep an eye out for my three at school, along with the help of Coaches and Tutors during after school activities.

I know this is going to be a long road since my triplets will only be “7” in May (sheesh how did that happen already!) BUT for today I will empower them with the tools they need to live with less struggle and more love in their hearts & minds. ✨ T.A.

Thanksgiving – Cleaning Up the Clutter

I’ve found that my own life becomes richer and more rewarding when I clean up the clutter that’s not serving me. Clutter isn’t just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships, and bad habits. Clutter is anything that does NOT support your better self.

I help my clients edit their lives to just the people, thoughts, and activities that support their life visions.

One way we do this is by adding things to their Not-To-Do Lists. Nearly all I AM Tribe Members say the Not-To-Do List is their favorite part of the program.

Unlike a regular to do list, a Not-To-Do List holds all the things you have no control over, that don’t need to get done, or can be delegated to someone else. Basically, it gets the clutter out of your head so you can focus on what’s truly important.

And because I think that self-improvement should be fun, I’m sharing the Not-To-Do List with you absolutely free!

Click here to download your Not To Do List

The Not-To-Do List is a super-important Process. Fill the first column with everything that’s on your plate, anything that you’re thinking about. Then try to organize as many things as possible into the not-to-do boxes. For instance, I stopped visiting websites or signing up for webinars in order to get rid of “busy work”.

What are you going to delete from your life?

In the comments below, share one way you’ll edit your life by “clearing up the clutter.”

Hope you enjoyed your “Happy Thanksgiving” – Fall Break with your friends and family! 💖🦃

Family time and Self Care

Ten days pass by so quickly and wanted to share an update about what we have been up to in my home. 

My triplets (aka the Peas) we’re beyond determined to go trick or treating in a torrential rainstorm dressed in their costumes, raincoats, and rain boots. The giggles, screams, and smiles were priceless indeed. 

Three days later was my 17th wedding anniversary and decided to make some “me time” including fresh cut & color along with nails. 

We may feel that taking time for self-care is selfish; that by spending time caring for ourselves, we are neglecting others, but this is not true. When we take the time to nourish ourselves first, we can better serve others; we cannot give from an empty cup.

Skipping self-care makes us more prone to burnout, illness, and injuries. Which leads to me having stomach flu for several days and then my sciatic nerve shocking my body back to reality that I’m not a SuperMom like I’d thought… on the mend slowly. 

Biggest takeaway from all of this… When we consistently neglect our needs we become unhappy and develop feelings of resentment towards ourselves and others. We may do things out of obligation instead of genuine desire. When we realize that we are worthy of care, love, and attention, and take the time to give it to ourselves, we feel fulfilled and naturally want to give more to others.

Through self-care, we learn to relax and nurture ourselves. Instead of feeling, stressed and overwhelmed self-care teaches us how to relax and nurture ourselves. Self-care is an essential aspect of daily life, not something we do when we have crashed or burned out. ✨

Invest in Yourself!


Placing yourself at the top of your to-do list, and keeping yourself there, is crucial to your success. 

It’s my job to encourage YOU to realize that the most important investment you can make for your future is prioritizing your needs right now.  

– Find your Tribe! #iamtribe Prepare your networking strategy. Invest in the time, whether that means perfecting your elevator pitch, studying the career of a person you admire and want to connect with, or just practicing making casual conversation with a friend. 

– Find a mentor! Mentors can help you climb the corporate ladder, put together a business proposal, and deal with office politics . They will be your support system and your guide in this wild journey you’re about to embark on.

– Find YOUR Voice! It’s all about projecting confidence—both in your voice and in the way you carry yourself. If you want to deep-dive into having a magnetic presence, you can click link my bio and schedule a FREE & fresh perspective with ME TODAY! @tina_asma_coaching 

I know it’s not easy putting yourself first… However, if you begin to think about it now, you’ll set yourself up for even more success in the future. 

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Two Life Coaches Connecting…

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued – when they can give and receive without judgement.” – Brene Brown ————-

I had the pleasure of speaking with an amazing Happiness Alchemist, @fiorenza_rossini , NLP & Life Coach. Fiorenza works with driven Millennials that are eager to create a happy, balanced, and fulfilled life. She helps her clients be aligned with their full potential and live life in the present moment. Fiorenza believes that happiness is found in everyday’s moments and is a true mindfulness advocate. 

If you’d like to check it out click -> Interview Video

Also, YOU can join Fiorenza’s FB Group “The Busy Bees’ Community” and find her at the following: Fiorenza’s Website 

Big thanks again to Fiorenza Rossini for a fun interview! 

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How Superstitious are YOU?

Growing up in Southeast Louisiana I was surrounded by people knocking on wood, throwing salt over their shoulder, warning of seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror, not letting a black cat cross your path, or threatening to put a Gris Gris (pronounced GREE GREE) on you if you didn’t do what you were told. I can not make this stuff up… superstitious much? 

Did you know that women are more prone to the paranoia of superstition? Now that I have kids of my own, it is quite fun to scare them or tell them old wives tales to put them on edge. Horrible Mother here, I know… don’t judge. 

Rather than gradually being disproved over time, our faith in superstitious beliefs is stronger than ever.

Here’s the top 10 Superstitions people believe on a regular old Friday like today…

– Avoided walking under a ladder

– Touched/knocked on wood

– Blessed someone when they’ve sneezed

– Crossed your fingers

– Picked up a penny

– Broken the wishbone and made a wish

– Thrown salt over your shoulder because you spilled it

– Avoided opening an umbrella inside

– Avoided putting new shoes on the table

– Avoided telling anyone your birthday wish when blowing out your candles

Happy Friday the 13th! 🔪🔪🔪 

I AM number 40!


What an awesome surprise this morning to open an email from the Founder of Feedspot saying:

Congratulations on being selected by our panelist as one of the Top 50 Mompreneur Blogs on the web. (This is the most comprehensive list on the internet and I’m #40!)

Congrats to all the winners!

With that said I apologize for slacking on posting this month. After #hurricaneharvey hit Houston, things were kind of a blur the first week or so with my triplets having a week off of school (plus Labor Day) as well as having a relative visiting from Turkey that was staying with us.

Once things got back on track I drove down to New Orleans, Louisiana on 9/15 for an       I AM Tribe – New Orleans Meet Up. We had a fabulous time at Sake Cafe with several inspiring women…


…including two of my favorite cousins. 🙂



Big thanks to Tish & Darcy for being amazing hosts and allowing me to stay with them. (Tish Douzart is an Artist in NOLA Dollhouse Press & the Founder of The Palette Social . Darcy Culp is a Handmade Jeweler and the Founder of The Copper Orchard. CHECK THEM OUT! Support local #nola Artists!)

While I was down there, I was also able to spend time with my favorite women on the bayou making priceless memories before driving back to Houston.


(My Mom, my Sister, my niece, my Godchild and my cutie pie great nephew.)


(MY BFF’s aka The Roots!)

Currently I AM working on an upcoming Smoky Mountain Weekend Retreat for Women and trying to finalize the details for November before the mad rush of the Holiday’s kicks in… if interested feel free to contact me for details

Happy Friday!

Sending lots of love and light your way! Tina ❤

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It’s been a few days since #hurricaneharvey hit Rockport, Victoria, Houston and surrounding areas in SE Texas and currently slamming Beaumont and many cities in Louisiana. 

My heart is breaking for those who have lost everything due to the hurricane in Texas this week. Knowing that it will be years to come back from what they are experiencing right now. I’ve seen it all before with Katrina in New Orleans… shoot I can remember stories of when my hometown (Lockport, La) was underwater for Hurricane Juan in the 80’s. My Dad taking our boat into town in order to help people who were stuck or needed supplies. 

It’s the Gulf Coast way of life, BUT it doesn’t mean it’s an easy way to live. 

Is it coincidental that most of the big storms happened on the same day years apart? Talk about Deja Vu every 3-4 years. Wow!

I sit here and pray for friends of mine who are still waiting to hear from loved ones and do what I can to help support the organizations that are helping those in need. But deep down, it doesn’t feel like enough. 

With everything that has been going on it makes me question myself… AM I really doing enough in my business? AM I providing enough value to women and Mompreneurs like myself? AM I too comfy in my own bubble and still hiding when I need to show my face more? Would anyone even notice if I wasn’t here today sharing affirmations and truthbombs daily. No. They wouldn’t. It would be easy to just hide right now. 

Here’s the thing, it’s a slippery slope if I let myself think that way! I will NOT and YOU can NOT give up on sharing the message behind your business with the world. Not now. Not ever. 

So I’m showing up TODAY to ask you to keep going. Make a connection! Share more, talk more, and be totally authentic and transparent YOU. 

Yes, you can take time off. Yes, you can clear negativity from your life. Yes, you can snuggle up with your children (especially the fur babies). 

Continue to Be an action taker and goal getter no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. Stay consistent and continue to be real as possible. Agreed???

Sending you light, love, and big tight hugs! 


If you’re ready to ReDefine Life On Your Own Terms, contact me: 

Join the Facebook group: I AM Tribe for more support. 

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