Connection leads to Collaboration…

#collaboration #connection #discoverarbonne  #iamtinaasma col¬∑lab¬∑o¬∑ra¬∑tion (noun)  1.the action of working with someone to produce or create something. *If you have been following me for a little while then you’ll recall when I interviewed Michaela Meltzer for a Triplet Mompreneur series a few months ago. (If not, then click link to watch the interview: ).Continue reading “Connection leads to Collaboration…”

Love All of Yourself! 

#bodypositivity #beyourself #plussize #freedomfriday Yesterday, the Peas (my triplets) and I drove from The Woodlands to Austin to see one of my favorite women and her children. While my kids were running around freely in their bathing suits, I noticed that my friend’s daughter was trying to cover her body as much as possible notContinue reading “Love All of Yourself!¬†“

The Manifestation of Tina Asma Coaching and I AM Tribe is HERE!!!

For those of you who don’t know me, I AM Tina Asma,¬†a Cajun girl from SE Louisiana who tried to do it right ‚Äď go to school, get good grades, go to University‚Ķ but life took a different course when I went into Healthcare IT Consulting for 10 years, lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE forContinue reading “The Manifestation of Tina Asma Coaching and I AM Tribe is HERE!!!”

School’s out for summer, PAMP & I AM Tribe Meet Up!

This perfectly depicts my triplets once they graduated from Kindergarten a little over two weeks ago. My Mom has been staying with us and has been a huge help.  A few exciting things happened lately… I was a guest speaker for the PAMP WhatsApp Group for Nigeria and talked about “Why Emotional Intelligence is ImportantContinue reading “School’s out for summer, PAMP & I AM Tribe Meet Up!”